National Home Office Safety & Security Week

National Home Office Safety & Security Week, taking place from the 7th– 13thJanuary, is a successful campaign that aims to raise awareness around the importance of the safety and security of your home office and why you shouldn’t let this be overlooked.

It’s easy to forget when working from home that you’re actually in a working environment, and all working environments require at least basic safety and security routines. With over four million people working from home throughout the United Kingdom, it’s time for homeworkers to act and ensure that all working environments are fit for purpose.

Home OfficePassionate supporters of this national week, GBC Group, the UK’s premier retailer of quality office, garden and leisure buildings, have collated their top five home office safety and security tips to ensure safety and security within the home working environment is adhered to:

Fire escape plan

Implementing a fire escape plan is extremely important. You may know where all of your emergency exits lie, but it’s imperative that you don’t put yourself in a potential position where the resulting situation could leave you trapped. Knowing and documenting where is safe to meet when you have evacuated the building should result in all parties exiting safely and effectively.

Electrical system

If your home office has an abundance of electrical items that require plugs, such as computers, printers, and home lines, it’s important to ensure that your home electrical system can handle the demand. It may be a sensible idea to arrange an electrician appointment to ensure all outputs are safe and stored correctly.  

Anti-virus and firewall

The last thing you want when working from home is to lose all of your stored work and important confidential information. Make sure your anti-virus and firewall protection is up to date or upgrade if necessary, to avoid any unwanted issues.  

Lock your office

The location of your office may determine whether you can lock up and secure your workspace or not. It’s important that if this is possible, you ensure you have a procedure in place which involves locking your work space away, to deter any unwanted visitors.

Childproof your home office

If you have children and work from home, make sure you childproof your office. Ensuring that little hands and feet stay well clear of office space will not only stop unnecessary injuries but will also avoid any interference in important documents.

Matt Jordan at GBC Group said: “We’re delighted to be supporting this fantastic national week. Safety and security are always a priority and working from home is no different. Here at GBC Group we pride ourselves on being able to offer knowledge and robust solutions to help keep your workspace safe.”