October – National Home Security Month

Home Security Solutions

National Home Security Month (NHSM) takes place this month for the fourth year running. The successful campaign aims to raise awareness around the importance of home security and why you shouldn’t let it be overlooked. 

With domestic burglary on the rise by more than 30%, a basic home security routine needs to be introduced. From Monday 1 October, NHSM will be covering all crucial topics for the next four weeks that informs you of different methods to protect your home.

SecurityOfficial supporters of NHSM 2018, GBC Group, the UK’s premier retailer of quality garden and leisure buildings with branches throughout the UK have collated their top five home security tips to help protect your home and family alongside NHSM’s weekly focuses:

Cover high value items from view

If you have high value items in your shed or garage, such as a lawnmower or bike, cover them up from view by draping an old sheet or blanket over the top.

Outdoor lighting

It is certainly worth investing in motion sensor lighting to alert you or your neighbours to movement near your home, the last thing that burglars want is to be caught in the act. 

Change your locks

If you have recently lost a set of keys, make sure you change your locks straight away. Using a hasp or strong padlock is a good way to secure your shed. Just don’t make it too obvious by attaching several padlocks, as that could look like you have something to hide.

Location of your shed

The location of your shed is very important to consider. You don’t want it to be seen from the street, so a burglar is able to access it easily, yet you don’t want it too hidden away where you can’t see it from your house and the burglar will be able break in unseen. 

Put tools away at night

Make sure you put all your tools away at night, if you leave them around it could give a burglar the opportunity to use them to break into your shed or garage. 

You can vastly improve the security of your home by implementing GBC Group’s measures as well as NHSM’s recommendations to help prevent the likelihood of a break-in. 

Matt Jordan at GBC Group said: “We’re delighted to be supporting such a fantastic campaign. Security has to be a priority when it comes to looking after your homes and here at GBC Group we pride ourselves on being able to offer knowledge and robust solutions to help keep your possessions safe.”