Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Wet Room

One of the key bathroom trends is the growing desirability of wet rooms – combining convenience with the minimalist aesthetic that many consumers aspire to. Wet rooms also have the added benefit of providing older generations and those less-abled with greater independence and reassurance, thanks to their easy access. What’s more, they provide the perfect replacement option, if you are looking to remove a bath.

Below we share our trusty Installer Club experts’ top-tips for creating the perfect wet room sanctuary.


  • It is crucial to spend time finding a reputable and experienced installer. With most wet rooms being a retro-fit on an existing bathroom, installing one comes with several practical difficulties and a flooded bathroom is a lot costlier than quality installation! Don’t make the decision lightly, a lot of people don’t realise the time and money it takes.
  • For those not willing to commit to fully tanking their bathroom, walk-in shower enclosures, such as the Mira Ascend, when paired with low-profile trays offer an easily achievable minimalist wet room look. Always look for anti-slip tiles and trays, such as the Mira Flight Safe shower tray range.

wet Installation:

  • To prevent long-term water egress problems, the wet room needs to be fully tanked – a complex job that requires specialist skills.
  • Drainage is often the biggest challenge, however, it’s crucial to get it right. Make sure there is enough gradient to drain the water away but not so much that it makes showering dangerous; two degrees is perfect!
  • Ensure that there is no flex within the floor as this can cause water ingress.
  • Good ventilation is important to prevent the room becoming damp after a nice, steamy shower.
  • Under floor heating is not only cozy in the winter, but also helps excess water evaporate from your wet room. Use underfloor mats such as DEVImat™; they provide a simple self-adhesive mesh underfloor heating mat that can be used with tiles or concrete floors.


  • Consider your flooring. Whilst mosaic tiles can be a great style statement, glazed ones are not fit for purpose due to slipping tendencies. Dark tiles can add a touch of cool, spa-like luxury. If you have a small bathroom, opt for light colours and large tiles to give the room a larger, warmer feel.
  • Create a sitting spot. If you have the space, furniture such as stools and benches add a comfort that enhances the luxurious spa-like feeling.
  • Features such as dual outlet showers with additional handsets add flexibility and luxury to any wet room.

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